US Army Survival Manual
        Wilderness Survival Skills
        Water Survival Training
        Hostage Survival Skills
        Hostage Crisis Plan

First Aid
        Army First Aid Manual
        Combat Lifesaver Course
        Field Expedient Gas Masks
        Forward Surgical Team Ops

Hand-To-Hand Combat
        US Marine Corps Hand to Hand Combat
        Army FM 21-150 - Hand To Hand Combat
        Basic Combatives Course (Level I) Handbook

Soldier/Marine/Ranger/Special Forces Handbooks
        11B (Infantry) Training Guide
        SH21-76 Army Ranger Handbook
        Special Forces Gurilla Warfare Manual
        Marine Corps Common Skills Handbook

Home Defense
        Firearms Safety in the Home
        Best Firearm in the Home
        Home Defense Law

        Radio Telephone Operator's Handbook
        Tactical Radio Ops
        Antenna Handbook

        Anarchist Cookbook (Original)
        US Army Improvised Munitions Handbook
        Kurt Jackson / Poor Man's James Bond 1
        Kurt Jackson / Poor Man's James Bond 2
        Kurt Jackson / Poor Man's James Bond 3
        Kurt Jackson / Poor Man's James Bond 4
        "Kitchen Improvised" Munitions series
        Picric Acid Home Manufacture

Ammo & Weaponry
        Ammo Storage
        Improvised Weapons
        Improvised Weapons in Civil Disorder
        Robotic Fire Support
        Man/Weapon Interaction System
        Beretta Select/Full Auto Mod
        Automatic and concealable firearms design book
        Homemade Guns And Ammo
        Expedient Homemade Firearms
        Hidden in Plain Sight

Tactical Movement
        Field Movement
        Building Clearing,Tactical Raid
        Combat Movement
        Fire Team Training
        Squad Movement
        More Squad Movement
        Even More Squad Movement
        Small Team Urban Movement
        Shooter Intervention Tactics
        Infantry Battle Drills
        Hostage Situation Response

        Tactical Convoy Handbook
        Tank/Vehicle Movement

Suvive the Tyranny!

This website is a repository. A place to store information and data...tactical data.

Why would such a place exist?

Because Police need to find info on how to perform swat team movements.
Because Soldiers need to find info on how to do movements in the field.
Because Video Gamers want to learn how to step up their game.
Because Home Chemists want to learn what chemicals NOT to mix together.
Because Amateur Gunsmiths want to find a place where they can hone their trade.
Because There will always be crazy people who think there will be a zombie apocolypse.
Because Somewhere in the world - freedom fighters are taking a stand agains Tyranny

Because in a nation that believes in Free Speech and Freedom of the Press - a page like this should never be censored! and finally...

Because YOU came here - for whatever reason.

Which of those reasons brought you here - I don't CARE!
I'm just providing a place where you can find the data. I didn't write most of it, and I am not responsible for the contents, nor for what you do with it.
I did, however, take a lot of time looking for this stuff and putting it all in one nice neat organized place. I'd like some kudo's for doing it.

There is data here on everything from how to survive in the wilderness, and how to prepare a first aid kit, to how to disarm/build improvised devices to survive a civil war, nuclear holocost or zombie attack.

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